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FK Brno
Tega na IWA sicer nisem opazil

Citat:FK Brno 7,5 FK: the powerful 100-meters semi-automatic defense pistol
[Image: FK-Brno-7-5-1.jpg?resize=600x]

03/15/2015 - IWA 2015 / Czech-based FK Brno introduces a new 7,5mm caliber semi-automatic defense pistol, offering previously unexplored performance in range and penetration, even up to 100 meters

[Image: FK-Brno-7-5-2.jpg?resize=248x]
The 7,5 FK caliber pistol from FK Brno was conceived to engage targets with extreme accuracy up to 100 metres in range... from one-handed shooting stances!

One of the most interesting new products left out of the main spotlights at the 2015 edition of the IWA OutdoorClassics in Nuremberg (Germany) is a handgun design − lacking a proper denomination, yet − currently undergoing the very final stages of development with the Czech company FK Brno Engineering S.r.o..

Entirely manufactured out of steel with state-of-the-art technologies and a construction quality that would make many collector's edition pistols or race guns blush in shame, the FK Brno pistol is made immediately recognizable by its overall lenght (24 centimetres) and by some unique features of its outer appearance; what doesn't catch the eye at a first glance, however, is exactly the plethora of technical features that make it unique.

Technically speaking, the FK Brno semi-automatic pistol is based upon a modified Browning locking system and a classic SA/DA trigger... with a considerable, unique twist.

[Image: FK-Brno-7-5-4.jpg?resize=248x]
Excellent workmanship and cutting-edge aesthetics: the FK Brno 7,5 FK pistol is a tactical weapon built like a collector's or race gun!
It would take a blind man to miss that long protuberance, similar to a gas tube, located right under the barrel. That's where a metal countermass sits, linked to the return spring; when the gun is fired, the countermass follows the recoil axis and counters it with a downwards pressure, reducing muzzle climb and recoil levels to those akin to, or even lower than, a .45 ACP. 
Is such a reduction so important, after all? Yes, indeed, given how the FK Brno pistol chambers a proprietary ammunition.

Feeding through double-stack metal magazines, the FK Brno semi-automatic handgun design fires the Company's own 7,5 FK bottleneck cartridge, loaded with balls weighing anywhere between 90 and 110 grains in this phase; the 7,5 FK caliber develops muzzle velocity levels of 609,6 metres-per-second (2000 fps), and muzzle energy levels that exceed 1220 Newton/meter (900 ft/lbs).

[Image: FK-Brno-7-5-6.jpg?resize=248x]
The sliding countermass located under the barrel maintains recoil and muzzle climb under more than controllable levels
That's roughly the muzzle energy level of a full-power .44 Magnum round, propelled through a gun which, in this case, sports a six inches barrel; all in-house performance tests so far returned constant performance levels previously unimaginable for a semi-automatic pistol: 3,81cm (1.5") groups at 100 metres − double the maximum effective range of any standard semi-automatic pistol currently out there. That's truly a quantum leap in engagement capabilities for the world of sidearms.

Even better: the FK Brno is better fired in a... classic, academic shooting stance, held with one hand only. Indeed, this pistol is controllable enough to remain totally accurate from said shooting position.

Such an unprecedented level of range and accuracy performances has a very good reason to be, trascending the dreams of glory of all sports shooters who may be reading this.

According to the Managing Director of the FK Brno factory, Carsten Slabke, the FK Brno semi-automatic pistol has mainly been conceived for tactical and special purpose uses by military and law enforcement personnel. 

Indeed this pistol/caliber combo is perfectly capable to engage a runaway car and hit the driver through the windshield at distances that, up to date, would only have been attainable with a 14,5-inch barreled carbine at the least. And, the 7,5 FK caliber is capable to pierce a Class IIIA ballistic protection at one hundred metres − with ensured lethality, given how at 100mt the bullet still maintains an extremely high velocity level (475 metres-per-second) and double the energy level to what standard 9x19mm normally develops at the muzzle.

FK Brno should start full-scale production of this incredible semi-automatic pistol any time within 2015.

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