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Full Version: v ZDA iz ITAR v BIS
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Mogoce kdo ve kdaj tega leta 2019 bi se to naj zgodilo.... Beri spodaj.

Unfortunately the US classifies it as a gun part, so the below still applies. Stay tuned for changes to that this year, though.

As of now the status is as below. BUT the US Government is moving the jurisdiction of small arms and parts to BIS and out of ITAR. Meaning we will be able to ship up to 500.00 without a license and over that we can get a license without to much hassle or cost unlike now. We are gearing up for it and will be traveling to other countries shooting matches and promoting it.

Sorry, we can not ship gun parts outside of the US at this time.

Za amere ja zgleda vse gun part kar je v orozju ali na orozju... ne tako kot pri nas.
za kateri del gre?
V osnovi ne a večina se jih noče z tem jebat ker ko tam po njih federalesi vskočjo ni heca. Potem raje rečejo ,da je vse ITAR