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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
Finnish Parlament has issued a statement, it's conclusion is this :

"The goal of the commission is to improve internal security of the EU. According to cabinet
measures in E-letter, it is not possible to efficiently prevent obtaining firearms illegally.
Instead proposed measures target already restricted legal activities. Received statements also
indicate that the more strict the firearms control is, the bigger the demand for illegal firearms

The changes should address restricting the illegal firearms trafficing instead. In addition cabinet
states, that preventing crime in EU area requires contant efficient communication between different
authorities and expert knowledge of the firearms law.

It is the opinion of the cabinet that in Finland firearms law is strict but functional which
enables safe and controlled weapons collecting, shooting sports, hunting and reserve shooting
activities and participation to shooting competitions. Cabinet also believes, that EU
restrictions should rather use Finnish firearms legislation as a model of a working firearms
law ant try to harmonize EU legislation according to Finnish legislatio"

Full text on the IPSC FB page:

I'm pleased to see there are some sensible governements in this world. Thank you Finland.
Belgium has not come out officially yet, i'm not sure yet how the current governement will react, i am however very glad the socialists got kicked out in the last election as the answer would have been obvious.

UK already banned centerfire Semi auto rifles.

But this would also affect .22 semis AND don't forget any rifle converted to straight pull !
Can you offer feedback on your own countries position in the comments?
Let's find out which member states might be pro, which ones are not.
And do not forget to write letters as well as promote the petition.

I am writing my letters today. Don't forget to buy stamps!

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