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PONOVNO NA ZALOGI - Tac Vector Optics AK Handguard RIS Quad Rail System
Tac Vector Optics AK Handguard RIS Quad Rail System

Cena: 39,00€

[Image: tac-vector-optics-ak-handguard-ris-quad-...stem-3.jpg]

Overall Length: 160mm (6.3 inch); Length exclusive of extended top rail
Weight (net): 390g (13.8 ounce, with rubber cover)
Superbly Designed for Hungarian AK and Variants
Four military picatinny rails (with rebber cover) for the installation of flashlight, laser and red dot scope etc.
Include 14 Top Slots, 14 Left/Right and Bottom Slots
Lower rail style with CNC procedure,
Clever Rail System Locking Design Features Lower Mount Mating with Upper Mount to Achieve the Most Solid and Secure Fit
Light weight in precision
Fit 47 & 74 series and with detailed installation instruction
High-durability aluminum alloy in black matt and beautiful complement
Simple and Friendly Installation, No Gunsmith or Tool Required
Shock proof can be used on real fire caliber
Black Rubber Rail Guards Included

[Image: tac-vector-optics-ak-handguard-ris-quad-...stem-3.jpg]
[Image: tac-vector-optics-ak-handguard-ris-quad-rail-system.jpg]
[Image: tac-vector-optics-ak-handguard-ris-quad-...stem-4.jpg]
[Image: tac-vector-optics-ak-handguard-ris-quad-...stem-2.jpg]
[Image: tac-vector-optics-ak-handguard-ris-quad-...stem-1.jpg]
[Image: tac-vector-optics-ak-handguard-ris-quad-...stem-5.jpg]
[Image: tac-vector-optics-ak-handguard-ris-quad-...stem-6.jpg]


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