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Strelski incident izgovor za zaostritev zakonodaje?
Citat:I live 16 miles from this school. I am a Battalion Chief on a Paid Fire Department, former Paramedic. Many of my friends were the first medics on the scene. There is a TON of mis-information being givin. This kid had major issues, mental issues, his Mom, owned the 2 rifles and 2 handguns. This person killed these kids with the handguns, not the AR as what was previosly said. This kid was let into the school, as he was well known. He snapped. It doesnt matter really, I, like many of you, am a father. I too was at the range today when it happened. I just had to put the guns away, and forget about it for a while. But, as the people who responded there say,,,nothing was going to stop this kid from what he intended to do from the minute he woke up. And there is nothing that is going to prevent it. CCW or not, most people, your average citizen, does not train at all with any kind of weapon, never mind a handgun that will need to be used in a classroom full of kids. Maybe you and I, but not the typical classroom. There are no answers, but rest be sure..we will be the scapegoats. So, let us just lie low for a couple of days. The primary thoughts should be with the parents of the kids, who's presents are currently under the trees, and who will not open them. Then, get ready for the battle. In CT here, I know they will go after the 5.56, and the mags, and most likely try to do a CA law. But, we already have the toughest laws in the country, so I don't know what more they can do. But again...just say a prayer for the kids. We all love em, and when you do that...say a quick one for the guys and girls who went inside and had to pronouce all those kids. They were not worked...only 4 were transported. Be safe.

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Strelski incident izgovor za zaostritev zakonodaje? - od - 15-12-2012, 11:43

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