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Strelski incident izgovor za zaostritev zakonodaje?
Citat: Michael A. Cardozo, the city’s corporation counsel, said his office was sympathetic to the injured bystanders but added, “Officers put their lives on the line every day and these officers certainly did that.” He said that he could not discuss how the city would respond if any of those wounded on Friday sued because such cases turn on very specific facts that would have to be analyzed thoroughly.

Mr. King, now 85, also sued the police, although he never questioned the action of the officers — perhaps because he was a retired police officer. “If someone’s firing at you, what are you going to do?” he said.

Asked why he sued, given his allegiance with the officers, Mr. King said, “I can’t answer you. It’s just one of those things, O.K.? That’s the nature of society today.” He received a $250,000 settlement. “Rich?” he said. “Hell, no.”
V primeru odškodnin zaradi šrapnela mi je najbolj všeč tale izjava ,zakaj toži ja zato ker je to zdaj pač normalno. In nažalost pri tudi pri nas to postaja normalno.

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