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Strelski incident izgovor za zaostritev zakonodaje?
Evo zdaj ,ko imajo domačega 'terorista' upam ,da v sred Los Angelesa uporabijo metode, ki jih drugače radi prakticirajo po svetu.
Madoniš sem žleht. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/eusa_doh.gif[/img]

Citat:William M. Welch, USA TODAY12:28p.m. EST February 11, 2013
LOS ANGELES -- City officials offered a $1 million reward Sunday for information leading to the capture of fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner, accusing him of "domestic terrorism'' in targeting law enforcement officers and their families.

Police Chief Charlie Beck said the reward was the largest ever offered in Southern California and includes contributions from businesses and private individuals as well as public funds. Dorner has been accused by police of the shooting deaths of three people, one of them a police officer and another the daughter of a former officer.

"Why so large?'' Beck said. "This is an act, and make no mistake about it, of domestic terrorism. This is a man who has targeted those who we entrust to protect the public. His actions cannot go unanswered.''

Making a show of solidarity, mayors and police chiefs from several affected are communities joined Beck and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in announcing the reward. FBI and U.S. Marshals service officials joined in the announcement.

"We will not tolerate a killer targeting our officers and their families, targeting innocent people in this city and in this region,'' Villaraigosa said.

The manhunt for Dorner, 33, resumed Sunday with a scaled back search of a mountain resort area, now covered with snow, east of the city. Dorner's burned-out Nissan pickup was found Thursday, and authorities said remnants of camping gear and weapons were found in the charred vehicle on a forest road in the Big Bear area of San Bernardino County.

Beck said police were searching elsewhere too and that protective teams are guarding more than 50 families believed to be targets of Dorner because of ties to law enforcement, including many named in Dorner's online "manifesto" vowing revenge for his own derailed career.

"Our search continues in and around the areas where we have known targets,'' Beck said.

Dorner is wanted in connection with a double homicide and the killing of a police officer in a rampage that police say stems from his dismissal from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2008.

Police are investigating a taunting phone call that Dorner may have made to the father of the woman they believe he killed, Monica Quan, a week ago. Two law enforcement officers who requested anonymity because of the ongoing investigation told the Associated Press they are trying to determine who made the call to Randal Quan, a retired Los Angeles police captain, days after the killing.

The caller allegedly told Randal Quan that he should have done a better job protecting his daughter. Monica Quan was found dead of multiple gunshots with her fiance in a car outside their Irvine condominum.

Randal Quan practiced law after leaving the force and represented Dorner during his internal personnel hearings within the Los Angeles Police Department.

"Hopefully the reward will motivate people that may be involved with assisting him (Dorner) or might be reluctant to talk to us to call us and to put an end to this," Los Angeles police Sgt. Rudy Lopez said.

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