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Strelski incident izgovor za zaostritev zakonodaje?
In America today there are some people who believe themselves to be above the law, and it’s unfortunate that in many cases the very individuals and organizations tasked with ensuring the legitimacy of our justice system are the ones who fail to understand or abide by the law of the land.

In Cotati, California police officers showed up at the doorstep of one family after they were reportedly called because of an alleged domestic violence dispute, much to the surprise of the homeowners. As Cotati PD massed on the couple’s front lawn, the homeowner began documenting the encounter.

Law enforcement officers indicated they would be entering the home because of “domestic violence,” at which point both homeowners responded by advising them that they had merely had an argument and no domestic violence had taken place.

Baffled that the residents of the home refused to exit, one officer asked why they wouldn’t respond to their order.

The homeowner, who had previously cited his fourth Amendment right to be safe and secure on his property unless a warrant had been presented by officials, responds with what undoubtedly left police bewildered.

“Because we don’t live in a police state, sir.

Martial law has not been established in this country. “

What happens next is textbook jackbooted police state behavior, as cops kick in the family’s door unlawfully, without cause, and without a warrant.

(video via The Daily Sheeple)

Police reportedly justified their actions based on concerns over the welfare and safety of the children living at the home:

Many have speculated as to why the police felt they needed to unlawfully enter the home, with some claiming they could have felt the children lives were in danger yet the fact of the matter is the children were clearly fine and, if anything, would be psychologically and possibly even physically hurt by police breaking down their door and attacking their parents.

Who is the victim in this case? It’s not the children, who were peacefully playing in the front yard and in the home. And neither homeowner had raised a hand to the other.

In fact, the victims were the residents of the home, whose private property had been violated. The individual recording the video was reportedly tazed, detained and then arrested by police.

For what?

That answer remains unclear.

Based on the video documentation, the only ones who should be going to jail are the police officers who found it necessary to break in the door of a law abiding American for refusing to submit to an unlawful order.

There is only one course of action that need be taken at this point and that’s handcuffs and indictments for those who believe it’s totally within their job scope to violate the rights of an American citizen going about his business in his own home.

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