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Tank Challenge
Držimo pesti z naše , na prvi pogled sicer zgleda da ekipa SV z M84 nima kaj balinat proti konkurenci ,a  kaj pa veš na videu italjani zadanejo enkrat v 5 strelih .

[Image: YSD6mSY_kfw.jpg]
[Image: 13131565_10154924016778840_1226868619207657733_o.jpg]

[Image: 13177198_10154924015038840_3621146130647...e=579FE74B]

Odvisn od tekme definitivno je bolj okreten kot ostali orjaki...Vsekakor pohvalno da so sploh šli na tekmo očitno imajo tankisti bolj pametne poveljnike kot je povprečje pri ostalih vedih :).
Naloge prvega dne
Citat:6.30 they started the first task, run obstacle course. Their task was running a route of about 1.5 kilometers, where fourteen had to overcome obstacles. This task is performed during 11,51min. After a short break, the soldiers set off a column of four tanks and went to the next point.

[Image: 2016-05-10-RM-day1-005.jpg]  [Image: 2016-05-10-RM-day1-006.jpg]

Another Task was to overcome the land which has been contaminated. Dressed in a filter Protective Clothing (FOO), soldiers completed the activities disinfecting vehicles and then were asked to evacuate one of the vehicles by towing it by the second tank. The third task is overcome by a platoon of tanks route along which were arranged figures with pictures of military equipment. The soldiers were given the task to find all the figures arranged in the area and recognize appearing on their vehicles. 

[Image: 2016-05-10-RM-day1-200.jpg]  [Image: 2016-05-10-RM-day1-239.jpg]

The next task, a test of shooting skills. Polish tank crew performed the goal of PM-83, but according to the rules of the US Army. At a distance of approximately 100m were arranged three points. The shooter ran on a signal from the starting point to the first point where doing the shooting from a standing position. Then proceeded to the second point, where the kneeling position to shoot more targets. For the last disc on the third point, a soldier fired from a lying position.In this task, not only had the accuracy, but also the time to complete the entire job from start to fire the last bullet. 

[Image: 2016-05-10-RM-day1-312.jpg]  [Image: 2016-05-10-RM-day1-322.jpg]

The fifth task of the competition was built on a scenario in which one of the four tanks during displacement damaged by the explosion of an IED. The soldiers were here to perform two main tasks. First undo the on-site caterpillar tank, and then connect it back. The second task was to give the injured man first aid. Both tasks were associated also giving full reports in English on the IED and call a medical helicopter, the so-called. Medevac meld. 

[Image: 2016-05-10-RM-day1-384.jpg]  [Image: 2016-05-10-RM-day1-385.jpg]

The last task was the point called "Mystery Event", which rules the Poles learned after arrival. It consisted in the fact that the soldiers of the training tank ammunition weighing the same as the real ammunition had run uphill and downhill loop a length of 100 meters. But this is not the end of the cross-country challenge. Another task was if running as many laps in 10 minutes. Poles raised the bar high, beating the 51 loop kilkunastokilogramowymi missiles. - It was a long and exhausting day. For more than twelve hours we made a number of difficult physical tasks, that of my soldiers demanded the ultimate sacrifice and commitment. But we managed. Before us two more days of competition, where we performed shooting with tanks in defensive and offensive actions. Today my soldiers proved to be the high-test, and tomorrow and the day after will surely confirm . - Said Lieutenant Emil Kaminski, Polish commander of the platoon.
[Image: 13077033_10153692700883721_2959659156881...e=57DF250D]
[Image: 13151654_10153692700733721_2497787823404...e=57A47D20]
[Image: 13124791_10153692701078721_6274200427002...e=57E036E3]
Best in the activities of defensive , Polish soldiers have proved that you should take them into consideration.

Through these two days the soldiers of 34 Armoured Cavalry Brigade from Zagan performed the most important competition of the competition. It was carrying out activities platoon in offensive and defensive operations. As a platoon conducting defensive operations have earned the highest number of points, ranking the first place. However, during the offensive shooting they gave way only to the best platoon in Germany. 

[Image: 2016-05-11-RM-natarcie-031.jpg]  [Image: 2016-05-11-RM-natarcie-127.jpg]

The first competitive action  were on the offensive. On Wednesday, May 11  Polish soldiers moving on to the next shooting were supposed to detect and destroy targets that were placed at a distance of about two kilometers. During this competition, the Poles destroyed more than 75 percent of the targets. In two of which were at a distance of over 1800 meters.Poles have received  received 285 points out of a possible 350, which in this competition gave Poland a second. - Our biggest "enemy" during the shooting attack was dust. When I changed the position and time of shooting clouds of rising dust, very much limited our visibility . - Said Sergeant Sebastian Kucharski, commander of one of the tanks. 

[Image: 2016-05-11-RM-natarcie-134.jpg]  [Image: 2016-05-12-RM-obrona-222.jpg]

The next day, 12 May. Polish soldiers proceeded to the next competition. Measure tank platoon in defense, where the permanent position of their task was to destroy emerging targets. In this competition the competition Poles turned out to be the best. 350 possible points Brabantczycy scored 277.5 points, destroying 17 goals on 23 possible, and obtaining the highest marks for the war diary. - This success was possible thanks to my soldiers. Their dedication combined with the experience and skills that gave high scores. The drivers were speed plutonium działonowi eyes ładowniczowie force commander and we we could exploit these advantages . - Said Lieutenant Emil Kaminski, Polish commander of the platoon. During the fourth day of the competition on May 12 this year. with the soldiers of 34 Armoured Cavalry Brigade, he met the commander of the 11 Lubuska Armoured Cavalry Division, Major General Jaroslaw Mika, who had the opportunity to observe the effect of Polish platoon in the defense. 

[Image: 2016-05-12-RM-obrona-211.jpg]  [Image: 2016-05-12-RM-obrona-218.jpg]

[Image: 2016-05-12-RM-obrona-127.jpg]
Prva tri mesta : Nemčija, Danska ,Poljska vsi na Leopardih

Upam , da so naši vsaj makaronarje nabutal čeprav imajo makaronarji zelo sodobne tanke.

Če je vrjet govoricam so se naši zelo dobro odrezali z 5.mestom pred eno Ameriško(M1A2SEP) in Italjansko ekipo(Ariete C1)

So pa pogruntal, da bi bilo fino usposobit Mover tarče na SV poligonih (hmm od kje že te ideje...... Clap )

[Image: 13227091_1165800110105816_25097149513422...e=57A69108]

[Image: 13173840_1165800913439069_52792207972700...e=57DA50D6]

[Image: 13177804_1165800953439065_86098879087828...e=57DD6EBB]
[Image: 13232996_1165800073439153_57967714813057...e=57A23692]
Joj sam to ne bo spet problem v Pivški dolini, da neznosno poka in se vsi počutijo ogrožene...

Drgač pa vprašanje kaj bi šele bilo če bi lahk resno treniral in imeli dovolj denarja na razpolago za več streljanja... verjetno ponižal še koga s "tehniko iz sedemdesetih".
Škoda da niso še predstavnikov Ruske federacije povabili, da bi jih nabili.
Jesmo mali al smo ljuti Clap
Rummors and lies sekcija

Citat:Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2016: Germany claims the Trophy

The platoon from the German Army has won the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2016. The Danish platoon managed to win the second place, while the third place was claimed by the Polish platoon.

[Image: original.jpg]
The winning platoon of the Strong Europe Tank Challenge

An interesting aspect of the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2016 is the fact that the top three platoons all used variants of the German Leopard 2 main battle tank (MBT). The Polish and Danish platoons operated versions of the Leopard 2A5, which originally entered service in 1995 (more than twenty years ago) with the German Army. The German platoon was equipped with the slightly newer Leopard 2A6, an upgraded version of the Leopard 2A5 with longer gun barrel. This configuration was first used by the German Army in 2001, about 15 years ago.
Suprisingly, the Italian platoon C1 Ariete did manage to get the fourth place, beating the two American platoons operating the M1A2 SEP v2, the newest tank in the competition. The Slovenian team with the M-84 performed worse.

Every nation used a platoon of four tanks to compete. Except for the US Army, all nation was represented only by a single platoon. Only the M-84, a local version of the T-72, was manned by a crew of three; all other tanks had a four men crew.

The Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2016 consisted of a number of tasks which alltogether had a maximum score of 1,000 points.
  • For offensive and defensive trials including firing and maneuvering up to 700 points were awarded (350 points for offensive actions, 350 points for defensive actions).
  • For "mounted orienteering" (MO in the further text) up to 300 points evenly distributed in six sub-tasks (each 50 points) were awarded 
  • MO included a "mystery physical challenge" were teamwork was important
  • There was an obstacle course with thirteen minor challenges
  • Soldiers from each platoon fired 10 rounds with their service weapons from three locations in the combat shooting lane
  • A total of 25 firendly and threatening targets had to be identified while the tanks were on the course at the vehicle idenfication lane
  • During a simulated NBC attack, crews had to recover and tow one of their tanks while wearing NBC protection gear
  • Multinational teams reacted to an IED attack, assessed and evacuated the casualities
  • One task was to walk as many laps as possible along a track located at a hillside while carrying a 20 kilogram (44 lbs) training round
[Image: 1fd3327f86057d014d7599763dd12ad9.png]

Further detailed results have unfortunately no been published, only a very few informations and rumors have emerged. A short list of the informations and common rumors gathered is presented below:
  • According to the German Army video, the German targets used for the tank shooting tests were smaller than the ones usually used by the other participating nations
  • The German team was the best in terms of physical fitness, managing a record of 64 laps on the track while carrying ammunition
  • They also performed best at recovering one of their tanks after the simulated NBC attack
  • Contrary to the often posted claim that the German unit consisted of reservists, it actually consisted of normal soldiers: the GebPzBtl 8 is semi-active, the first two platoons (1st and 2nd platoon) are made of reservists. The other two platoons (3rd and 4th) are consisting of professional soldiers. The third platoon of GebPzBtl 8 (belonging to the PzBtl 104 during the time the GebPzBtl 8 is not fully active) participated. However German rumors say that the reserve platoons actually performed equal or better during their last official training
  • According to Polish sources the Polish platoon destroyed more than 75% of of all their targets during the offensive shooting (distance to target up to 2 kilometres, two targets were destroyed at more than 1800 metres distance) and scored 285 out of 350 points. Only the German platoon performed better. In the defensive shooting the Poles managed to hit 17 out of 23 targets, scoring 277.5 out of 350 points - supposedly the highest score in this category.
  • The Italian Ariete tanks were filmed performing extremely bad, missing most of their targets. But on the second day shooting at another lane they supposedly were among the best during shooting
  • Supposedly the Italian Ariete performed worst overall in gunnery
  • The US platoons did a poor job at camouflaging their tank, supposedly the crews couldn't figure out how to properly use a camouflage net. According to US sources Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges said that of those skills tested, some — like using camouflage netting to mask a 60-ton hunk of metal — haven’t been part of regular tanker training in some time.
  • Rumors from the unofficial US Master Gunner network say that the US platoons scored 4th overall in the shooting tests
  •  During the medevac operation after an IED attack, the Slovenian team aswell as another one (according to the rumors probably the Polish team) run over the dummy simulating the wounded
Overall some blogs, forums and people are reacting in either a state of denial ("how could my country loose, their tanks should be better") or in a state of surprise. I don't think that a lot of the results is unexpected for the following reasons:
  • The German tanks had the highest muzzle velocity in combination with a very accurate round (the training round is meant to simulate the current DM53 and DM63 ammunition, which according to the values used in the marketing brochures is probably the most accurate), so that the good shooting results are not that surprising
  • The Polish and Danish platoons used slightly older/worse types of training, but still have a rather high muzzle velocity and rather flat trajectory.
  • The current US ammunition is the heaviest and slowest of all participating countries, which will result in a higher trajectory and a greater impact of external factors; hence it will have a higher dispersion. The current US training round is meant to simulate this ammunition.
  • The Slovenian M-84 is the oldest tank design with the worst ammunition, fire control system and gun stabilizer. 
  • While the M1A2 SEP v2 is the newest tank in the competition with the newest optronics, overall the optics of the M1A2 SEP suffer from a number of drawbacks: the field of view of the CITV is blocked by the RWS, the commander's cupola and the loader's gun shield; the CITV also lacks a day channel, which can be advantageous for target identication at day
Tole potem kar malce potrjuje tezo o kvaliteti nemškega tankovskega železja, četudi je sposobnost posadk enakega pomena.

Pri nas je sicer vprašanje ali bi tanke še sploh imeli a ne gre prezreti, da se je Leoparde 2 ponujalo za simbolično ceno, saj so Nemci, ob zmanjševanju svoje vojske, imeli precejšen presežek. M-84 se je vzdrževalo bolj za silo, smo pa zato izvedli veličasten projekt nadgradnje T-55 v M-55Sport :-D 

Čestitke fantom iz Pivke, da so se sploh uspeli spraviti na takšno tekmovanje.
“So I say, “Live and let live.” That’s my motto. “Live and let live.” And anyone who can’t go along with that, take him outside and shoot the motherfucker. It’s a simple philosophy, but it’s always worked in our family.”
George Carlin
Zanimnivo bi bilo videti, kako bi se na teh vajah odrezala ruska ekipa z novim Armata T-14 tankom. Po opisih sodeč, baje da je Armata 20 let pred vsemi ostalimi tanki...
M84 ni streljal  najslabše , ampak so bile težave očitno tudi drugje (povožen ranjenec etc) .

V takem tekmovanju bi lehko že ena od modorneziranih T72  kaj šele T90 resno mešala štrene.

Ameriške ekipe so imele bojda težave z čisto osnovnimi tankovskimi veščinami kot je kamuflaža tanka (bojda to ni več del njihovega treninga) 

Armata je prototip  ki bo potreboval leta da doseže zrelost a kak T90MS bi bil strupen

Seveda pa na takem tank chalengu nikoli no bo vidt kake take akcije

Še manj pa da zmagovalna ekipa oz država dobi Tank za nagrado
V teh mesecih zgleda da so tankovske igre na programu .Frišno končan je Nordic Tank Challenge in pa Sulivans Cup v ZDA

Na ameriškem Sullivan Cup ekipa rezervistov v kateri so šofer Pepsi dostavnika,študent,zavarovalniški agent in policijski rekrut nabutali15 ostalih ekip

Na nordic tank challenge pa popolna dominanca skandinavcev. Ameri 9 in 10 mesto

Še en podatek ,bojda naši tankisti na tekmi sploh niso streljali z topom, ker nimajo streliva ,čes je potekel rok trajanja po NATO standardu
kam pa bi se uvrstili izraelski tankisti?
Citat:kam pa bi se uvrstili izraelski tankisti?

Kaj pa veš vrjetno med ta zadnje ,desetletje Iraka in Afganistana je pripeljalo do tega da so ameri pozabilii osnovne veščine ,potem si lahko misliš kaj vse se pri njih ne prakticira več , za pobijat bosonog folk v 'zaporu odprtega tipa' (Gaza) ni ravno treba kaj dosti klasičnih tankovskih veščin.

Zanimivost ,Rusi bodo Izraelcem vrnili zaplenjeni Magach5, ki je v muzeju Kubinka ,ta je z Blazer oklepom in 105mm M111 “Hetz” APFSDS , vrjetno prispeval k razvoju ruske oklepne tehnike predvsem reaktivnih oklepov in protioklepnih sredstev.
Ni sicer omembe če/ali bodo Izraelci nadomestili ta tank v ruskem muzeju z kakim drugim exponatom


Citat:RIA News 

Benjamin Netanyahu : I thank Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has responded to my request to return an Israeli tank lined during the battle at Sultan Yaakub during the First Lebanon War. The question I raised during our meeting last month. 
Families of missing Baumelya Zachary, Zvi Feldman and Yehuda Katz's for 34 years is not possible to even come to the graves of loved ones. Tank - the only evidence of the battle, and it will be returned to Israel by the decision of President Putin, who responded to my request

[Image: 13263739_1182431418443306_3175944406442965799_n.jpg]

Citat:Russia returns to Israel his tank, which was captured by Syrian troops as a trophy in the early 1980s, and has since exhibited in the museum near Moscow, the press service of the head of the Israeli government.

According to a press release, the Russian government decided to transfer the tank "Magach" (version of the American M48 tank), lost in 1982 during the First Lebanon War, in response to a request from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who visited Moscow in April.
"Israel at the end of the week received a notice that the Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to the request by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the return of the tank, which was handed over to the Syrians of the Russian army, and on display today at the Museum of Armored Forces," - said in a press statement Netanyahu service.
The Prime Minister emphasized that the fate of the three tank crew members remains unknown. 
"This tank - the only evidence of the battle, and he will return to Israel due to the fact that President Putin responded to my request", - quotes the prime minister's press service. 
In Moscow today It is an Israeli military delegation, which, together with our Russian colleagues is working on the technical details of the return tank. In early June, Netanyahu is planning another visit to the Russian capital.
(31-05-2016, 16:01)mr.T Napisal: Kaj pa veš vrjetno med ta zadnje...
učasih sem v reviji obramba bral da imajo najboljše tanke (merkava) ker imajo skos vojno stanje...

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