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Skupščina ICFRA 2019
V imenu strelskega kolega objavljam spodnje sporočilo o skupščini zveze ICFRA. ;)

Lady and Gentlemen of ICFRA Council,
I have much pleasure in attaching the papers for the Forthcoming General Assembly of ICFRA to be held in the Dance Worx Studio, Trentham Ranges, New Zealand at 0900 on Saturday 26th January 2019, of which Meeting due calling notice has been given.  The extremely dry Item #10 on Data Protection is, I am afraid, still to follow - for which I apologise; and, obviously, the Accounts to 31 December 2018 are not yet in existence - they, too, will be circulated as soon as the accounts are ready.  The Papers relating to the appointment of President, Vice President and Secretary General were sent to all of you under cover of my e-mail of 5 November 2018.  There is only one candidate for each position so I don't propose to burden you with a repeat set of papers but, of course, if anyone wants a further set please let me know.  By the same token, there will be no contested election and therefore no call for electronic votes from Members unable to attend or be represented at the General Assembly.  It is open to any member Association to send me comments on any of the Assembly papers, and I will ensure that they are reflected in the discussion at the Meeting.  Lastly, I remind those Councillors whose Nation will be present at the World Championship but they themselves will be absent, that I MUST have nomination of their delegate - and the same goes for Committee representatives, please
The NRA of Ireland has changed its representation on Committees, with Mr John Paul Craven representing Ireland on both F-Class Committee and Target Rifle. The ICFRA Councillor remains Mr Joseph Costello.  England has replaced Mr PN Hinchliffe as Councillor by Mr Martin Liversage (Hon Sec'y, EXX Club) and I am pleased to tell you that Wales has decided to rejoin ICFRA with effect from 1 January, and we welcome their ICFRA Councillor, Mr Martin Watkins.
The President of ICFRA, Mr Bernand deBeer, has a new e-mail address - it is [email protected] - as it's only slightly different from his former address, I recommend most strongly that you make the change in your records as soon as possible.  I attach also an updated list of representatives and their email addresses.
Finally, may I take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year,
With Kind Regards to all,
Phil Harrison
Secretary General
PS I draw Item 9a to the particular attention of Messrs Mehrtens, Frost and Duncan

.pdf   ICFRA General Assembly papers 2019.pdf (Velikost: 733,55 KB / Prenosi: 277)
.pdf   ICFRA Council Committees 2015-2019 EPJH Aug2018.pdf (Velikost: 166,74 KB / Prenosi: 360)
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