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strelske discipline
Glede na to ,da grozi odpoved tekem na vojaških streliščih zaradi ,vemo zakaj [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/eusa_wall.gif[/img]

Ena expresna primerna za nov cenik uporabe strelišč

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Citat:LA Gangs Experiment With Pedal-By Shootings

Faced with ever increasing fuel prices and pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, LA gangs have begun to explore non-traditional means of going about their day-to-day operations. As one of the many possible changes being examined, a pilot program of using bicycles to take on tasks once only done by car is underway. This initial step has been showing promise, with the successful "Pedal-by" shooting occuring on LA's East 43rd St., near Hooper Avenue on Monday. The two targets were not badly injured, as it was a simple warning pedal-by, but initial response has been positive.

Hector 'Snake Blade' Cortes noted "the biking gives me a way to get some fresh air and exercise we don't normally get from our daily grind." "We really should be worrying about not only who's stepping into our business," said accomplice Johnathan 'The Gun' Smith, "but also the environment, global warming won't cure itself you know." If response is good, and the return on respectability sees a market increase under the new policy, look to see a further roll out across greater LA in the near future.

Enako v VB
Citat:Escalating gang violence is being blamed for the shooting of a five-year-old girl who was struck in the chest by a bullet when teenagers on bicycles sprayed a south London shop with gunfire as they tried to kill their rivals.Police say two youths ran into the Stockwell Food and Wine shop seeking shelter from three youths pursuing them on bicycles. One opened fire, shooting into the shop with handguns, it is believed, and then fled.

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