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The impact of predators on our forests
06 Jul 2015  Shawnee Bosch
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[Image: predator-feature-image-1-750x333.jpg]
Now you might think “why predators?” On the whole they are generally carnivorous! Well, like every action leads to an equal or opposite reaction, it’s the same with predators, such as wolves, lynx and bears. If they are not managed correctly they can do a lot of damage, not only to the deer population, but to the forest as well.
Here in Switzerland, the logging business is a very important part of the economy. We need to take care of our forests to make sure that we’ll be able to harvest wood in the future by continuing to implement sustainable forest management and to ensure that our amazing wildlife has a home. Keeping this in mind, we need to realise that there are more threats to our forests than just bark beetles and forest fires.
As hunters, we know that deer love to feed on the soft tree buds and bark. Since lynx and wolves are roaming our mountains in increasing numbers, we see unbearable damage to our forests.
It’s simple math, the more predators that roam our woods, the more our wildlife, such as deer, get distressed, move much more and due to the huge amount of energy loss, need to feed a lot more than usual.
[Image: red-deer.jpg]
Deer are continuously hunted and chased by large predators
[Image: 11113727_975681459131483_2800845378697377904_n.jpg]
Tree damage caused by deer feeding
This has become a real problem, especially with our red deer, which cause the most harm to our forests. One of the main causes of this is because wolves, lynx and bears are constantly hunting them and chasing them around.
All three species are protected by law. No matter how hard the hunting community and the logging industry alike are trying to get a hold of the problem, the laws will not be changed, for now.
[Image: wolf.jpg]
Eurasian Wolf
[Image: Lynx.jpg]
Eurasian Lynx
[Image: Brown-bear.jpg]
Brown Bear
The result is that we see a lot more damage to our woods and forested areas than we can handle, and the predator numbers are rising rapidly each year.
Tourism is already a huge factor in disturbing our wildlife all year round, but obviously, we can’t change that.
I conducted several interviews on this matter and it’s amazing how different the opinions are. Sadly, there are no official numbers on how the increasing predator population is effecting the forest, but when I talked to the CEO of our National Forest Owner Society, he told me that we’re talking about a six digit sum they have to pay out of their own pockets.
Since hunting has a very bad image in certain areas of society, it is really difficult to come up with a solution to fit everyone’s interests. Hunting is conservation, and this is one more example of just how important controlled wildlife management is.
Ta je huda ja... Dumb
administrator / Strelec.si
Saj ne vem a imajo enega ali mogoče celo nobenga medveda , zadnji malo bolj razvpiti kosmati 'operator' M13 je končal kariero, so ga švajceri počl ker je bil preveč  podjeten. Volkov sploh nimajo oz pridejo samo vsake toliko kaki sosedi pa še to v elo majhnih cifrah, Risov je 50-100kom .

Res štala te divje živali, najbolj popokat vse potem pa se jago na domače krave it, te ne bodo pojedle dreves , dobr ,da jim nismo še mi kakega medveda šenkal potem bi javkal, da jim je padla še natalieta v kantonih .
Če pa to niso bolniki potem pa .....


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